Deer Creek Morris Men
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Deer Creek Morris Men of San Francisco Bay
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The morris is a tradition of display dances, with some aspects of ancient ritual and roistering associated with them. Mainly performed by teams, occasionally as a solo jig, the morris involves intricate figures and stepping, and lively high capers.

2005—The Deer Creek at Union Square,
San Francisco

In the Costwold style, which Deer Creek specializes in, the dancers wear sets of 25 bells on each leg, and embellish the dance with sticks or waved hankies. England is the home of these traditions, the origin of which is

murky enough to delight folklorists; there are well over 200 morris teams in North America currently. The pipe and tabor is the oldest traditional accompanying instrument.

Dick is the Squire (manager)
and Fool of the Deer Creek Men

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