There is an international organization, The Taborers Society, devoted to the instrument.


“Pipe and tabor is a wonderful pipe and drum combination played by a single musician. This three-hole pipe —a whistle flute with a fipple mouthpiece like that of a recorder or pennywhistle— allows the player to execute with one hand sprightly tunes with a distinctive vigour, authority and charm. Add the other hand playing simultaneous percussion, and the coordination of expression resulting from a single player, makes it an ideal dance accompaniment instrument: a one-man band.”

This is the introduction to Dick's The Pipe & Tabor Tutor, the definitive instructional book for the English style pipe, with play-along CD and Tune Book. First published in 1988 and completely revised in 2005, it is now available through Sweetheart Flute Co., Lark in the Morning, Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments, and The Early Music Shop (UK).

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